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Client Services

Onsite Management Services

When you have a variety of staff; part time, full time, seasonal, and temporary, it can be hard to work as a cohesive team. Hiring an onsite manager is one possible solution. You may be wondering what an onsite manager does. An onsite manager’s job is to oversee the rest of your staff. This manager can keep track of your staff, keep a project on budget and on time, and make sure the team hits their goals.

Another benefit of onsite management is that they help take care of the administrative work. Hiring a manager could help ease the pressure on you or other departments. Our onsite managers are in the action and can take care of any problems that arise. They are exceptionally qualified and experienced. Contact us to find out more.

Payrolling Services

Payroll can be a nightmare but that’s where we can help. Having accurate payroll is essential; it’s how your employees get paid and your taxes get put in order. Here are some ways we can help you with payroll services; calculate and pay your employees no matter whether they work part time or full, withhold the proper taxes, and make sure you are compliant with all current laws.

We also provide payroll reporting and can help with end of year taxes. Hiring a payroll service now can help you avoid any penalties or fees you may face from being non-compliant. Let us walk you through how we can help today.

Placement Services

Here at Sterling Staffing, staffing is what we do best. We work across a variety of industries to make sure that we fill positions with exceptional talent. If you have an open position, we can help find and match you with top candidates in your field.

Why use a staffing agency? Using us to staff open positions can help streamline your process of finding and hiring employees. We also have access to a wide range of qualified employees. We save you time and resources by taking care of pre-employment screening and assisting with the interview process. If you don’t see your industry listed as a speciality, please reach out and discuss with us today! We can still help.


Out of the many industries we help recruit for, administrative positions are the ones we look for the most. It is not uncommon to need a temporary hire for a big project, to cover an absent team member, or for a team to bring on a part time administrative assistant. All of our candidates have passed background checks and screenings. All clerical candidates must pass a computer’s skills test.

We guarantee that when we are helping you fill a clerical or office position, you will only get the best. We can also help if you are looking for a temporary to permanent hire. To learn more about our rigorous recruitment process, contact us today.


With e-commerce at an all time high and supply chains breaking, finding reliable warehouse employees is key. Warehouse responsibilities can vary from accepting orders, to keeping inventory, to ensuring orders are correct and shipped out on time. We know how essential it is that you can count on your employees.

To staff industrial and warehouse jobs, we go above and beyond. In addition to the skills test that all our candidates are required to task, industrial applicants are given field specific exams. We also administer written forklift tests, and a metrics measurements evaluation. If you have an operations or distribution center, and have an open position, we can help fill it with the best.