Applicants are recruited through various methods: Television and radio advertisement, job fairs, client and employee referrals, partnerships with local schools, colleges, and most commonly newspaper classified.

Applicant Screening and Referral

An interview guide is prepared for each applicant providing that a favorable review of all preliminary employment criteria has been completed. We accept applications from individuals who can provide information including their home telephone number, address, personal transportation arrangements, and employment eligibility in concurrence with current immigration laws, as well as, the past three years employment history.

All of Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., associates are given a pre-employment background check with Ohio Open, a statewide criminal investigation check upon completion of their application. Drug testing is available upon request of the client and we offer a twenty four hour result.

Applicant Assessment

Clerical applicants from clerks to administrative assistants must complete our word fluency, math reasoning, logic and filing tests. If applicable, those applicants who possess skills in the following area: typing, data entry, shorthand, and word processing can be tested on each skill level with our “ Pre Valuate “ clerical testing system. Sterling Staffing Services, Inc., can also customize testing to each of our clients needs.

Industrial applicants are given a skills test as well that test in areas of copy accuracy, math abilities, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also administer a written forklift test and a metrics measurements evaluation. These tests are formulated to indicate common sense abilities.

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